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Ya Gotta Wear ‘Em – So You Don’t Wear Your Friends Out!

YA GOTTA WEAR ‘EM – SO YOU DON’T WEAR YOUR FRIENDS OUT!  On average, people wait about ten years from the time they first notice a change in their hearing before they follow up with a hearing professional, all the while losing hearing. During…

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Emergency – 911! – Sudden Hearing Loss IS Serious!

Emergency – 911! – Sudden Hearing Loss IS serious!!    Sudden hearing loss (SHL) occurs for about fifteen-to-twenty thousand people, annually. Four thousand of those live in the United States. SHL affects both men and women equally, typically between the…

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How Do You Know When Loud is “Too Loud”?

HOW DO YOU KNOW WHEN LOUD IS “TOO LOUD”?    Blast from the past. That is why many of us have hearing loss. The blast from a specific sound, too many loud concerts, that (remember when?) transistor radio or boom…

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“Eh, What’s Up, Doc?”

“EH, WHAT’S UP, DOC?”    You may be as surprised as we were to find out that one of the biggest complaints doctors have is that they struggle to have conversation with many of their patients. This is an alarming…


Suffocated By Your Medications?

 SUFFOCATED BY YOUR MEDICATIONS?   This story recently came to our attention and it brought to mind all of you dear friends who take medications – and all of you who wear hearing aids, but don’t think it’s necessary to…