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Gadget Wizardry Now Available

GADGET WIZARDRY NOW AVAILABLE  New Electronic Gadgets Might Be the Answer to Helping You Hear Clearly!   In the past three years, the hearing instrument industry seems to have been taken over by the mixed genius of Inspector Gadget and The…

Communication Disorders Common in Older Americans

May 26,2016 Leave a Comment

Early Detection Key for Speech/Language, Swallowing, and Hearing Problems; Tips for Communicating With Seniors During May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month During May Is Better Hearing & Speech Month, (insert name and/or facility) is spotlighting the importance of early…

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‘Ice’ Isn’t Just Frozen H2O

‘ICE’ ISN’T JUST FROZEN H2O TO KEEP YOUR LEMONADE COLD THIS SUMMER!   Are we back to the “ICE” age? In Case of Emergency, that is. For years, law enforcement  agencies and emergency crews have tried to get the word…

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Say That Again? 32 Million Times Five?

SAY THAT AGAIN? 32 MILLION TIMES FIVE?   Hearing loss is a common ailment, afflicting an estimated 32 million people in America today. While the degree of suffering varies considerably, based on the severity of one’s loss and the patience…

How Technology Use Impacts Communication in Very Young Children

May 19,2016 Leave a Comment

Rapid advances in technology have brought with it many advantages as well as many challenges. The internet, smartphones, tablets, etc. have given us things generations before could have only imagined. We are constantly connected, able to keep in touch with…