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Self Inquiry

September 27,2016 Leave a Comment

If you're willing to be introspective about your hearing problem and consider solutions, this is the place to begin. Problems usually have at least two solutions that bring about healing: (1) change the situation, or (2) change how you feel,…

The Emotions A Person Feels When Hearing Loss Is Confirmed

September 23,2016 Leave a Comment

There are two common philosophies people seem to adopt once hearing loss becomes a part of their lives: cover up the fact that you have it or tell others when the occasion is appropriate that you don't hear well. There…

Problem-Solving Ground Rules

September 19,2016 Leave a Comment

Problem-Solving Ground Rules Before we discuss your feelings about hearing loss, let's first define the terms used and establish the ground rules upon which problems can be solved. "Hearing loss" is the physical condition in your ear. "Hearing difficulties" pertain…

The Realization of Hearing Loss

September 15,2016 Leave a Comment

Our ego is quite attached to our overall health. Most of us like to think of ourselves as being in shape with a good heart, strong bones, acceptable vision, and good hearing. For some of us, admission of poor hearing…

“I Hear But I Don’t Understand the Words Clearly!”

September 11,2016 Leave a Comment

Something you've probably said many times in your life, and will see repeated, rephrased and reanalyzed in this book is the complaint. "I hear but I don't understand the words clearly!" This is particularly true when trying to communicate in…