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Hearing Central’s President, Edward Maznio grew up on a rural farm in northern Minnesota, where he learned that true happiness and success comes from hard work and serving others. His passion for hearing aids developed after years of watching his mother struggle to pay for expensive hearing aids that often proved to be problematic and difficult to use.

After serving a tour of active duty with the U.S. Army in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm, Edward became a licensed hearing aid specialist and set out on his mission to improve the hearing aid industry. He had great success with his brick-and-mortar hearing aid retail centers as he implemented many innovations, including “Complete Concierge” (a program offering free lifetime service and batteries), “ShareCare” (a referral program), video tutorials, real-life fitting demonstrations, and simplified hearing-aid selection tools. His business flourished to become a nine-office chain of hearing aid centers, and many other mainstream hearing aid retailers adopted Edward’s innovations.

As wholesale prices of hearing aids continued to rise, Edward took his mission online and started selling hearing aids via the internet. He found there was a huge demand and his online customers were so thrilled with this alternative, affordable resource for hearing aids that they began to affectionately call him their “hero”. This inspired Edward to sell his brick and mortar business and turn all of his attention to the online hearing aid market.

When Edward met Barbara Wyatt, widow of online hearing aid pioneer Philip Wyatt, it became immediately obvious to both that Edward was the perfect choice to take over Philip’s business. Edward established TheHEARO LLC, which became the parent company of Philip’s former business, Hearing Central LLC. Edward is thrilled that his life’s work has resulted in helping people on every continent affordably enjoy life’s moments through improved hearing.

In addition to his work, Edward shares his passion for service with his community. He does volunteer work as a member of his local Christian congregation, as a charter member of his local Lions Club, and formerly as Vice President and Hearing Committee Chairman for the Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation. He and his wife of 25 years, Shanna, enjoy traveling and spending valuable family time with their three children and grandchildren.

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