Adventures in Hearing – Meet Liz

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Liz recently retired from being a high school English teacher. She thought that retirement would be more fun, but her hearing loss has kept her a lot closer to home than she would like. She’s self conscious about wearing a hearing aid making her look old and who can afford on anyway. Luckily, her friend Anne gave her Hearing Central’s information. She recently purchased her MyRIC 6 hearing aid for vibrant lifestyles, she is ready for the European trip of a lifetime!

Anne and Liz met their freshman year of college and have been best friends ever since. They’ve been with each other through all life’s ups and downs – first jobs, marriages, births of children, careers and now retirements. With all of that living to do, these two have never actually taken the trip to Europe that they’ve been planning forever. Now they are both retired and ready to go… except that Liz struggles with hearing loss. She noticed it when she was still teaching, but it is getting to the point where she’s unsure of herself because she can’t understand what folks are saying. Gee whiz, not being able to hear is making her feel old and unsure of herself.

Macro shot of pins over the main capitals of the European continent

Anne to the rescue! After yet another call where she was pretty sure Liz only heard about half of what she was saying, Anne decided enough was enough. They’d been planning this trip to Europe for over 30 years and she was tired of her friend’s excuses. She insisted that Liz check Hearing Central out, an online hearing aid store that could get Liz the hearing help she needed. Based on Liz’s hearing loss and lifestyle, Hearing Central recommended their MyRIC 6 hearing aids. A few short days later the hearing aids arrived in the mail, and…

Magic, thought Liz, I can hear again!

Better hearing changed everything, and finally Liz and Anne were off to London! They said their farewells to their husbands at the airport and boarded the plane bound for London, England for the adventure of a lifetime!

Stay tuned for what happens next as the ladies land in London.

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