Are You “High-IQ” or just “High-C”?

There’s a current TV program out called Child Genius. Following these youngsters – ages eight to thirteen – move towards the goal of winning a $100,000 scholarship has been interesting, to say the least. We’ve all been known to say, “He’s no Einstein,” referring, of course, to Albert Einstein, the world-renowned genius physicist. His IQ ranked at 160. Bobby Fischer, American chess grandmaster of the 1970’s, clocked in at 187. The highest IQ officially recorded belongs to Marilyn Vos Savant at 220! Interestingly, “savant” is a French word that, when translated into English, means “learned, scholarly, educated, expert, erudite.” Fitting. So what IQ rating ranks as “genius”?

 85 – 114: normal, average intelligence

 115 – 129: above average, bright

 145 – 159: highly gifted

 160 – 179: exceptionally gifted

 180 – up : profoundly gifted

Watching Child Genius makes it rather obvious how average most of us are, likely scoring C to C+ in most cases. If you are curious what your IQ is, you can take a free test. Just “google” the words “genius IQ test” and take your pick!

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