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If this is your first time buying a hearing aid from our site, the FDA suggests that you first get an examination by a medical doctor, preferably an ear specialist (Otolaryngologist or ENT). This is only a suggestion and you do not have to do it. U.S. Federal law allows a fully informed adult (over 18 or parent over 18 ) to sign a waiver statement declining the medical evaluation. We provide you this digital Waiver as part of our site’s Terms & Conditions before you check out.

Note: You cannot check out without digitally signing the waiver by checking the “Yes” box that you Agree to our Terms & Conditions.

If you have any of the following symptoms, then it is suggested by the U.S. FDA that you get a medical examination before proceeding with a hearing aid purchase:

  • Visible congenital or traumatic deformity of the ear
  • A history of active drainage from the ear within the previous 90 days
  • A history of sudden or rapidly progressive hearing loss within the previous 90 days.
  • Acute or chronic dizziness
  • A sudden loss of hearing in one ear in the past 90 days.
  • An audiometric air-bone gap equal to or greater than 15 decibels at 500HZ, 1000HZ, and 2000HZ. (This result will only be known if you have already been to a hearing specialist and been tested)
  • Visible evidence of heavy ear wax (cerumen) or any foreign body in the canal.
  • Pain or discomfort in the ear.

What we would like to have from you:

Everyone’s hearing loss is unique. For this reason, we strongly suggest that you obtain a hearing test (audiogram) and send it to us so we can custom program your hearing aid to your exact hearing loss frequencies.  Your family doctor will not have a hearing testing machine, but a local ENT, audiologist or hearing aid dispenser will. You may have to pay a small fee for a copy of your test results, but it will be well worth your time and effort.  U.S. federal law prohibits any medical provider from withholding a copy of your audiogram because you did not purchase a hearing aid from them.  Your hearing test is part of your official medical record and as such, you are entitled to a copy – sometimes at a small fee.  Big box retailers like Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Sears typically offer free hearing tests.

Once you have that in hand, send it to us via fax, email, send us a picture of it or call us with your results.

  • Fax: 1-888-823-0717
  • Email:
  • Text a picture: 602-405-1102
  • Call: 1-877-611-4636 Ext. 1

No test? No problem.  Your devices will come with our factory pre-set EasyFit™ programming.*

* You can purchase a hearing aid from us without the custom programming; our hearing aids come pre-programmed to those with high frequency hearing loss. The majority of the hard-of-hearing population has high frequency hearing loss.

If you know that you also have hearing problems in the lower frequencies (125 – 1000HZ), then please do not order a hearing aid from us without first getting it custom programmed otherwise you will not be happy with the result. We want you to be happy with our hearing aids.

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