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I Can Again – Hearing Stories with Don and Jennifer

April 8,2017 Leave a Comment

Hello friends, I had coffee with my friends Don and Jennifer this morning and I want to tell you about Don. His story is so similar to my own hearing loss discovery and how I found started living life again…

I Can Hear Again, Joe’s Story

February 6,2017 Leave a Comment

Hi Friends, Lately you may have seen Hearing Central share stories about all the great things you can do once you can hear again. We call it the “I Can Again” campaign. When you lose your hearing, it seems as though life…


Hand-Me-Down Hearing Aids

December 8,2016 Leave a Comment

Hello Friends, I'd like to share a story with you. My friend Sally is very frugal and I love getting money saving tips from her. The woman is the master of coupons, and if it is free all the better.…

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Fresh Laundry and Hearing Aids

September 7,2016 Leave a Comment

Let me tell you the funniest story about my friend Peggy and her husband Jack. Peggy takes care of the laundry – you’d think that Jack is allergic the way he avoids it! Anyway, Jack just got a new pair…

Life is Too Short Not to Hear

August 14,2016 Leave a Comment

Hi folks, I have been enlisted by Hearing Central to help you seize the day through better hearing. I am a mother, daughter and grandmother with a crazy busy life that I love, and I wear hearing aids. Welcome to…