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How Technology Use Impacts Communication in Very Young Children

May 19,2016 Leave a Comment

Rapid advances in technology have brought with it many advantages as well as many challenges. The internet, smartphones, tablets, etc. have given us things generations before could have only imagined. We are constantly connected, able to keep in touch with…

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Hearing Loss Ain’t Just for “Old Folks”

HEARING LOSS AIN'T JUST FOR “OLD FOLKS”    Many people associate “hard of hearing” with aging and being “old”. Although this is not at all true, the myth relentlessly marches on. What is not a myth, however, is that hearing…

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Helen Keller Speaks

“Deafness still remains isolating – even more so than blindness. When you’re blind, you lose touch with things, but when you’re deaf, you lose touch with people.” Helen Keller