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Erroneous Belief that Hearing Aids Don’t Work

5. Erroneous Belief that Hearing Aids Don't Work A significant number of people with hearing loss mistakenly believe that hearing aids are not effective for what they're designed to do. Many people judge hearing aids based on what they've seen their…

Hearing Your Story

Official Rules: Hearing Your Story Contest

August 26,2016

Let's Hear Your Story. Share your hearing loss story with us for a chance to win a new pair of Hearing Central Melody A1 hearing aids, retail value of $990. Your story can be about discovering hearing loss or how…

Three Daily Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

August 10,2016 1 Comment

We encourage you to wear your hearing aids every day, all day to get the most out of life. This also keeps your ears maintain their current level of hearing and helps you stay sharp mentally. Pretty important stuff! So,…