Erroneous Belief that Hearing Aids Don’t Work

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5. Erroneous Belief that Hearing Aids Don’t Work

A significant number of people with hearing loss mistakenly believe that hearing aids are not effective for what they’re designed to do. Many people judge hearing aids based on what they’ve seen their grandparents wear—a large, clunky box about the size of a pack of cigarettes with wires coming out of it.

Recent research with consumers utilizing a variety of hearing aids (high technology as well as older technology aids 1-5 years old) indicated that 90% of hearing aid wearers reported satisfaction (defined as somewhat satisfied, satisfied, or very satisfied) with the ability of the hearing aids to improve their hearing, and 93 percent reported that hearing aids have improved the quality of their life. If this research had been conducted twenty years ago, this high satisfaction factor probably would not have been even 35 percent. A significant number of people reported satisfaction with their hearing aids in quiet situations (90 percent) as well as in very difficult situations such as restaurants (74 percent), places of worship (74 percent), or large groups (63 percent).

Excerpt by Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D.

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