Hand-Me-Down Hearing Aids

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Hello Friends,

I’d like to share a story with you. My friend Sally is very frugal and I love getting money saving tips from her. The woman is the master of coupons, and if it is free all the better. She has been struggling with hearing loss, particularly understanding conversation when there was a lot of background noise, for some time now. I keep telling her to go the audiologist about it. She says that she is too busy, but I know that she has heard that hearing aids cost a pretty penny most of the time.

A hand-me-down hearing aid. So, when her brother, Frank, got a new pair of hearing aids she asked him if she could have his old ones. Frank didn’t mind, but cautioned her that she really should get her hearing checked first. Sally just waved her hand and said she could skip a couple of steps. She called and said, “Problem solved!” Here logic was that since Frank is her brother, they probably have the same type of hearing loss. His hearing aids should be a perfect fit, right?

Wrong. Sally popped Frank’s old hearing aids in her ears and set out for a yard sale. Luckily, I was with her that morning. I asked how they were doing and she whispered back that there was no reason to yell. She then complained that there must be something wrong with the car because the engine was horribly loud. When we got to the sale, she was trying to haggle over the price of a bike for her granddaughter. She got really upset because she thought the sellers were yelling at her – she just kept whispering that she was offering a fair price. Needless to say, we left and poor Sally was in tears.

Like a fingerprint, hearing loss is unique to each individual. Sally finally agreed to go to the audiologist. Come to find out, Sally has moderate hearing loss and trouble distinguishing words when there is background noise. Frank, on the other hand has severe hearing loss after all those years working in construction and playing drums in that rock n’ roll band on the weekends. In comparison, Sally was a legal secretary in a relatively quiet office. The fact that they were brother and sister did not mean that their hearing loss was the same. Genes may play a part, but lifestyle has a lot to do with your hearing loss.

A win-win solution. With her audiogram in hand, we went to HearingCentral.com and ordered her a pair of the Melody Open Fit hearing aids. They have the Quiet Speech Amplifier that helps her pick out words when there is background noise – just what she needed! These come with a great QuickFit for moderate to severe high frequency loss (kind of like getting reading glasses from the drug store), but since Sally had her audiogram the folks at Hearing Central were able to personalize it to work with her specific hearing loss.  Oh! She was so happy about the price too! Only $895 each, which is so much less than the $3,000 she thought she would spend, and her insurance covered it.

Now Sally can hear again and we are back to bargain hunting!

I’d love to hear from you. Send me an email at Betty@HearingCentral.com.

Have a great day,




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