Have a Wider Hearing Range

8. Wider hearing range.

It’s true. A person can hear sounds from a further distance with two ears, rather than just one. A voice that’s barely heard at ten feet with one ear can be heard up to forty feet with two ears.

9. Better sound identification.

Often, with just one hearing instrument, many noises and words sound alike. But with two hearing instruments, as with two ears, sounds are more easily distinguishable.

10. Hearing is less tiring and listening more pleasant.

More binaural hearing aid wearers reported that listening and participating in conversation are more enjoyable with two instruments. This is because you do not have to strain to hear with the better ear. Thus, binaural hearing can help make listening (and therefore life) more pleasant and relaxing.

Excerpt by Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D.

©2009 Auricle Ink Publisher

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