Hearing the Sounds of the City

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Have you met Liz yet?

Liz recently retired from being a high school English teacher. She thought that retirement would be more fun, with a lot of travel and adventures, but her hearingloss has kept her closer to home than she would like. Liz feels self conscious about wearing a hearing aid — thinking they will make her look old, and besides who can afford one anyway? Luckily, her friend Anne gave her Hearing Central’s information. Liz recently purchased the MyRIC hearing aids for vibrant lifestyles like her’s, and she’s ready for a European trip of a lifetime!

They decided to take the tube from Heathrow. Wow, what an experience! The wind roared through the tunnels, the screeching of brakes and voices in a dozen different accents and languages echoing off the tiles on the station platform. Through all the noise, Liz never missed a word.  London is vibrant, bustling – completely overwhelming – and everything Anne and Liz thought it would be. The two giggled like school girls as the reality that they were really standing in London sunk in! After checking into their oh-so-perfectly-quaint hotel, they were on the hunt for lunch. Liz asked a person on the street for a great fish and chips place and they were off.

Then the most magical thing happened… a real life princess was born! Liz heard the wonder as everyone in London celebrated the newest member of the Royal Family. Yes, she thought! This really was going to be the trip of a lifetime!

With giant grins on their faces, Liz and Anne hopped into one of the famous black taxis and headed off. The taxi driver was in a joyful mood and talked non-stop. Liz was so thankful for her MyRIC, because she could hear every detail of what he was saying while still taking in all the sights. Big Ben, the clock tower, soared into the sky and reminded Liz of Peter Pan. Buckingham Palace was beautiful, but smaller than it looks on TV.

That evening they jumped back into a taxi and drove across Tower Bridge. It was all lit up and just gorgeous. The traffic, as they were learning, is pretty much always bumper to bumper, but they didn’t mind because it gave them plenty of time to take it all in.

What a fabulous adventure, and it’s only the beginning!

Stay tuned as the ladies take in all London has to offer. Anyone for Shakespeare?

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