“I Don’t Need Hearing Aids. I’m Not Deaf!”

   This is a very common response by someone struggling to hear when given the suggestion by family or friends that hearing aids can help them hear better. And, while it is most likely true the person is not “deaf”, that’s a good thing. Because once a person becomes deaf, or even seriously hard-of-hearing, there is little that can be done to help them, outside of surgery. That is why it is critically important to attend to hearing loss early.
   The average person waits about ten years from the first inkling of trouble before they follow through with a hearing exam and/or hearing aids. This can be seriously detrimental to the preservation of the hearing that remains and can prevent you from doing well with hearing aids when you finally make that decision. So…don’t wait until you’re “deaf” – even if you are saying that tongue-in-cheek and only mean, “I’m not ready to wear hearing aids yet.” If you are missing parts of words, ask people to repeat, have the television up too high, or experience other early signs of hearing loss, it’s time to simply admit: “I need help” and preserve the hearing you still have. Call us today. We’re here to help.

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