“I Hear But I Don’t Understand the Words Clearly!”

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Something you’ve probably said many times in your life, and will see repeated, rephrased and reanalyzed in this book is the complaint. “I hear but I don’t understand the words clearly!” This is particularly true when trying to communicate in a group, around a few people, or in an environment with background noise such as in a restaurant or automobile. Early on, when you had problems hearing, you may have passed it off as being no more troublesome for you than for anyone else in the same situation. But as issues around poor hearing grew more apparent and the process of communication began breaking down, you must have realized the problem was not going away.

People who develop hearing loss from an explosion, accident, physical trauma or rapidly progressing disease are probably more inclined to deal with it because it is so sudden and unmistakably apparent. But if you’re in generally good health and are the type of person who doesn’t like to think of yourself as less capable than anyone else, you might have found that you started blaming other people for frequent miscommunication. This is very common. You may think others are not speaking clearly or loudly enough, or they “mumble” their words. It’s only when sufficient numbers of people close to you suggest that it’s you and not them, that you might have gotten your first inkling of something within your personal communication system has gone awry. Some people never come to this realization and go on believing that others are the source of their communication failure. They continue to blame other people and are discouraged that others appear to enunciate so poorly. Nothing will deteriorate a relationship faster than denial. This is not health in any family, and why it’s so important to get to the core issues.

Excerpt by Richard E. Carmen, Au.D.

©2009 Auricle Ink Publisher

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