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Philip Wyatt started Hearing Central LLC in 2004. It bothered him tremendously that people on fixed incomes were paying such high prices for hearing aids . . . or worse, going without hearing aids due to the high cost. Phil believed that there had to be a way to offer top quality, affordable hearing aids to those who needed them.

With this vision, Phil became a pioneer in internet hearing aid sales. By using the internet, Phil avoided the overhead costs of traditional “brick and mortar” stores, and passed these savings on to his customers. His online sales of hearing aids began with U.S. customers, but exploded to become a global presence, selling to people from Australia to Argentina to Sweden.

Philip was a “hands on” individual and got to know some of his clients very well. He always made sure that the hearing aids he sold were programmed and properly configured to meet his clients’ needs.

Tragically, Philip passed away on Father’s Day, 2012. His wife, Barbara, wanted to keep Phil’s dream alive, and searched diligently for someone to carry on Phil’s legacy, someone “who paralleled Phil’s passion and caring for people and their hearing.” In May, 2014, Barbara met hearing specialist, Edward Maznio through a mutual supplier & friend. Barbara learned quickly that Edward equally shared Phil’s passion and vision. She became confident that Edward was the perfect person to continue Philip’s mission, and happily passed the reins of ownership to him. Learn more about Edward here.

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