Roll Out The Barrel: Now ‘Ear This From The Expert…

When patients start to wear hearing aids for the first time, many of them notice a significant difference in the way they hear their own voices. Patients often say it sounds their head’s in a barrel, they’re underwater, or they feel “stuffy”, like they have a cold.

There are some really good reasons this occurs.

The number one reason is, we – your hearing care professional and your new hearing aids – are intentionally changing the way you hear everything. Your voice is just part of the scenario. However, your own voice is what you hear the most so it is one of the most immediate and more apparent changes you notice. Typically, 90% of that sensation will go away the longer and more frequently you wear the hearing aids.

There are a variety of acoustical changes we can make to the programs of most hearing systems to help you adjust sooner. And, there are physical modifications we can make to the hearing aids themselves to “open up” the venting, to relieve some of the sound pressure in your ear canals. This will make hearing your own voice sound closer to “normal” in your own ears.

So, if you are experiencing an uncomfortable sensation with your voice, the next time you feel like your head’s “stuck in a bucket”, give us a call. We’ll be glad to “roll out the barrel”, get rid of that “underwater” feeling for you, and help you adjust to this very common sensation so you can have “a barrel of fun” once again. Contact us, we’re here to help!

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