How Technology Use Impacts Communication in Very Young Children

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Rapid advances in technology have brought with it many advantages as well as many challenges. The internet, smartphones, tablets, etc. have given us things generations before could have only imagined. We are constantly connected, able to keep in touch with people instantly over long distances, able to work remotely, and have instant access to any piece of information we might need. For those experiencing hearing loss, technological advances have improved the quality of life tremendously. From advances in hearing aids to more incredibly ground-breaking inventions like sign language translating gloves, technology brings us together and helps us communicate. But could it also hurt communication?

A recent study by American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) indicates that technology could be negatively impacting communication development in young children. ASHA surveyed 1,000 parents of 0-8-year-old children and found that more than half of parents were concerned about the negative impact of technology on their children’s hearing and communication. Over 50% of respondents indicate that overuse and misuse of technology is harmful to their children’s hearing and speech and language skills; while 72% recognize that the loud noise from technology have contributed to their child’s hearing loss.

Hearing impaired adults understand the importance of protecting their child’s hearing and understand the challenges that they could face if continued use of technology damages hearing or communication abilities. In the ASHA press release announcing the survey Judith L. Page, PhD, CCC-SLP, 2015 ASHA president, indicates “the most rapid period of brain development takes place before age 3. The primary way young children learn is through verbal communication that technology simply cannot duplicate.”

Dr. Page suggests that it is critical that parents become closely involved in the development of their child’s language and hearing skills at an early age.  Parents should interact, listen, talk and most importantly read with their children.  It is also helpful to put time limits on usage of electronic devices.  As summer approaches, family travel presents an invaluable opportunity to communicate with young children and get them to engage.  Instead of allowing them to bury their nose in their phones and tablets, play car games and talk about what they are seeing on the journey.

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