The Exciting Conclusion of Teddy’s Story, PART III

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Welcome to Adventures in Hearing! It doesn’t take much to go from ordinary to extraordinary when you have your trusty Hearing Central hearing aids in your ears. Let’s explore some of the magic that can happen when you break out of your normal routine and seize the day.
Back to Teddy’s adventures…

After years denying that he had any trouble with his hearing, Teddy decided to admit he had hearing loss. With his hearing test in hand, he went to Hearing Central’s website and purchased a set of Melody hearing aids. Now he and his son, Alex, are on the adventure of a lifetime — hiking to the top of one of Colorado’s tallest mountain peaks!

The hike up to the summit was grueling. One of the hardest things Teddy had ever done, but he was determined to get to the top. The sheer glory of the scenery and all the sounds around him carried him on. He and Alex stopped for a break and just listened to the sounds around them. The wind, the flowing water of a nearby stream and a friendly marmot. They took pictures of the little guy and some of the flowers around. Then onward!

The snow covered peak loomed before them and the grassy landscape had given way to a rocky one. Each step got harder as they struggled with the increasing altitude. They are so close to the top now. They reached the saddle of Mt. Massive that almost looks like the back of a horse. Teddy asked Alex if he was ready to roll. The snow covered peak was just to their right. They put on their snow gear and headed up.

There wasn’t much room at the peak, but Teddy didn’t mind. He and his son hugged in excitement over their accomplishment. The view was spectacular — rugged mountain peaks on one side and greener peaks on the other. Wow! This is living, Teddy thought. Amazing! They did it, Teddy’s joy was almost too much to contain.

Thanks to his hearing aids, Teddy was inspired to get out and seize the day. Sometimes we don’t realize how much of a toll hearing loss has on our lives. Teddy and his son had grown distant because Teddy just couldn’t hear him before wearing hearing aids. Now he and his son were on top of the world together!

Stay tuned for the next Adventures in Hearing, and make sure to share your stories with us at  Hearing Central is dedicated to helping you get the most out of life through better hearing.

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