Three Daily Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

August 10,2016 / / 1 Comment

We encourage you to wear your hearing aids every day, all day to get the most out of life. This also keeps your ears maintain their current level of hearing and helps you stay sharp mentally. Pretty important stuff!

So, what can you do on a daily basis to keep them working their best? Here are three daily hearing aid maintenance tips that will help you do just that:

First, remember the three S’s for when to take your hearing aids out of your ears –

  1. Sleeping
  2. Swimming
  3. Showering

Second, when you do take your hearing aids out at the end of the day, clean them off. Our multi-function cleaning tool is ideal for the job. This product keeps them working perfectly and prolongs their life when you –

  1. Brush away any wax or skin debris from the surface of hearing aids.
  2. Use wax loop on the other end to gently remove wax build up from in-the-ear hearing aids.
  3. When a battery change is needed, use the magnet on brush end makes removing and inserting hearing aid batteries easier.

Third, open the battery compartment and then put the hearing aid in its case. Make sure to close the lid and put it in a safe place. Try to put it in the same location before bed every night so you’ll know where to look for it the next day. This way, wearing, cleaning and storing your hearing aid just becomes a part of your everyday routine.

*Remember that dogs love to chew hearing aids up. So, if you have a dog, make sure to keep your hearing aids on a surface that your four-legged-friend can’t reach.

Putting these tips into practice will help you keep your hearing aids working at their best. For more information about hearing aid maintenance, send us your questions to or give us a call at 1-877-611-4636.

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