Twelve Reasons to Purchase Two Hearing Aids Instead of One

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Research with more than 5,000 consumers with hearing loss in both ears demonstrated that binaurally fit subjects (with two hearing aids) were more satisfied than those monaurally fit (with one hearing aid).

When given the choice and allowed to hear binaurally, the overwhelming majority of consumers (86 percent) chose two hearing aids over one. Consequently, binaural users tend to communicate better in their place of worship, in small group gatherings, large gatherings, and even outdoors. Naturally, a person’s ability to enjoy hearing aids will depend on the specific hearing loss and the type of technology used in the hearing aids.

Nevertheless, if you have a hearing loss in both ears and there is usable hearing in your poorer ear, budget permitting, I would recommend a hearing aid for both ears. Many hearing healthcare providers can demonstrate the binaural advantage on your very first visit, under headphone testing.

Based on a review of the literature and my own research with thousands of consumers with hearing loss in both ears, here are many reasons why you should consider a binaural hearing system.

Excerpt by Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D.

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