What’s Keeping You “On the Fence”?

The expression “sitting on the fence” has many implications in a variety of life’s situations.

We hear political analysts saying politicians are “sitting on the fence” if they fail to take a firm position on an issue. We read that businesses are undecided about closing stores or adding employees, so we say they, too, are “sitting on the fence.” The real estate world is also sitting on the fence, waiting for the mortgage market to correct itself.

As bystanders to these situations, we can say “Good luck to that!” and hope they get off the fence soon before we all get a poke in the backside. But that’s not the case when it comes to your hearing.

You’re not just a bystander like in the photographs above, and it’s not your backside that gets uncomfortable. It’s your home life. Your business life. Your social life. By “sitting on the fence” where your hearing is concerned, you’ve probably felt a bit uneasy now and then – by a look or tone here and there by others.

Delaying getting the hearing help you need can have a tremendous negative impact on your life and lifestyle – and that can sometimes get pretty painful. Only you can make the decision to get off the fence – before you fall off and really get hurt.

Many people with mild hearing loss believe they can “get by” because most of the time they can hear conversation – or most of it – without too much trouble. But any time there’s even the slightest variable in the ambient sounds, their hearing is no longer good enough to “get by.” It can be as simple as the speaker turning their head away, or your boss talking to you from down the hallway. Perhaps your spouse is washing dishes with the water running and their back is to you. The situations are endless for creating a “hard-to-hear” environment.

Situations like this occur every day for people who have even a mild loss, and when it does, they have just as much trouble understanding words as someone with a much more serious loss. Because, simply put, you either hear clearly or you don’t. Ouch! Now that had to feel at least a bit uncomfortable. As we all know, sometimes the truth can hurt.

We know it’s important to address this issue because many people with mild hearing loss are in denial about it. They are stuck “sitting on the fence,” pretending they are “getting by” when, in fact, they are missing more and more and starting to feel a disconnect with family and friends. And we know that’s the most uncomfortable place. Now’s the time to get off the fence and schedule a hearing exam for yourself! You – and those you care about most – will be glad you did!

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